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Travelling in Odisha could be a challenge, especially for an outsider who is not familiar with the ways of this city. Local trains are only good for the locals who are habitual of travelling in compact and overcrowded spaces. TravelX Bhubaneswar is one of the best services that you can choose to travel around the city and visit your favourite destinations. TravelX offers one of the best car rental services in Bhubaneswar. It caters to passengers of every budget and needs, including wedding car rental Bhubaneswar. You can even opt for a car rental Bhubaneswar if you are looking to explore the city without any interference.

RoadXtravel offers you one of the simplest online user interfaces for making a car rental in Bhubaneswar.RoadXtravels has been leading the travel services industry over the past decade with its excellent online platform. It is the most preferred choice among travellers looking to book a safe, comfortable, and affordable travel experience. As the travel rental services industry continues to grow, RoadXtravel is keen on reaching new milestones with its services. It has expanded its services beyond just bus travel and has included others such as a minibus for hire, tempo for hire, car rentals, etc.

RoadXtravels has been focusing on improving the car rental market, and it’s an essential addition to this list. The digital world has changed the consumer behaviour pattern, it has been more about convenience, and this has given a massive push to the rental economy that is dedicated to bringing more convenience and removing any hassles.

Key Points to Remember about RoadXTravels in Bhubaneswar:

1-We will be able to provide you with a comprehensive and planned out scheme and budget so you can adjust accordingly and make the booking.

2-The easy and flexible way of booking with our simple online interface ensures that you enjoy a simple yet hassle-free booking experience when needed.

3-With RoadXTravels service, you can tap into a massive operator network at any point of time.

4-With theRoadXTravel service, you can enjoy insurance up to Rs. 6 Lakh, at a minimal charge of just Rs. 40 per trip.

5-We’ve got excellent customer service, which means you can easily reach out to the RoadXTravels team at any point and we’ll assist you on the same.

6-We provide vehicles in excellent condition, and you can also verify them before making the booking. The details and everything else is available on offer, so you can expect the same.

7-In case the vehicle isn’t up to the mark, or not similar to the pictures in the app, then we take the responsibility and provide you with a 25% refund on your amount.

8-Enjoy complete transparency with our rental services and make your trips more memorable and easy, only with RoadXTravels!

Why trust RoadXTravels over any Self Drive Car Rental in Bhubaneswar

1-Get doorstep pickup and drop. Your car will arrive at your front door and drop you wherever you need to be dropped within the city. No hassles, no stress.

2-Your RoadXtravel chauffeur is also an expert driver. Enjoy your journey without having to drive yourself.

3-Unlike self-drive car rentals, we will never hold you liable for any damages caused to the car during the course of your trip. Rest easy knowing that you are not liable for the condition of the vehicle.

4-RoadXtravels chauffeurs are expert drivers and your travel guides. Use their local know-how and knowledge to make your trip incredible.

5-Hassle-free booking- Our booking procedure is straightforward and very quick. Book your Mumbai cab with driver in under a minute.

6-Safe and Sanitised cabs: Your safety on your trip is our responsibility. We take extra care to sanitize and air our cabs before and after every ride. Our drivers are trained on the best practices of vehicular and personal hygiene as per the guidelines issued by WHO.